Why Are You Losing Hair? 3 Non-Genetic Reasons Your Locks Are Thinning

Did you run your hand through your hair only to find a handful of loose strands? Are you noticing a thinning patch on the top of your head? For many people, hair loss is normal, a result of genetic or medical conditions.  You may be able to restore it by looking for places specializing in hair restoration Westchester County NY. When you meet with the experts, understand why this is happening and develop a plan of action. Here are three primary reasons hair begins to fall out.

Why Are You Losing Hair? 3 Non-Genetic Reasons Your Locks Are Thinning

Hormone Changes

Over time, the body’s hormones shift.  Men may see the alterations as they get older, while women could experience it during menopause or pregnancy. Testosterone goes up. That adjustment impacts the hair shafts because it products dihydrotestosterone, a chemical that deactivates the follicle shafts. The hair then thins or stops producing.


Low iron levels impact hair growth. When the body fails to have enough iron, blood circulation is weak, affecting energy levels and cellular development. The lack of new cells could be the reason for hair loss. A doctor may ask about diet, exercise and personal history. If this condition is suspected, a blood test may be used to detect the nutrient. Often an iron tablet improves the situation, especially if paired with an appropriate hair growth plan.

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Yes, anxiety really could stall hair growth. When the body is tense or the mind is overwhelmed, hair follicles may come to a standstill.  Also, reaction to stress plays a role. You may not be eating appropriately, depriving the system of the vitamins it requires. Pulling at the strands is also harmful, weakening and thinning areas.

While some people lose hair because it runs in the family, there are many other reasons those follicles are weak. Speak with medical experts to understand the root of the problem. Those answers may lead you to find the best solution.

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