Silvern: Beautiful and a Hedge Against Ruin

Most buyers of quality silver jewelry and other fine pieces are thinking of the beauty of the object, perhaps to give as a special gift or keep for one’s self. But another attribute of silver is its inherent value. Indeed, owning silver can be a form of financial insurance. We’ll explore this a bit so that you can think about it as you look for Black Hills Sterling Silver.

Silvern: Beautiful and a Hedge Against Ruin

Silver Is Today’s Ideal Financial Hedge

Over the last decade, the stock market has been quite kind to investors. Currently, the Dow is at all-time highs, up from below 8,000 in 2009. Many Americans have fared well with stock investments and have built sizable equity portfolios. But what can you do if you have substantial investments in the stock market and are looking for some form of portfolio insurance?

A “Silver Way” to Insure A Stock Portfolio

Be glad if you have a nice portfolio of stocks and bonds. But protect it from severe downdrafts as well. One way is to reduce stock exposure. Most folks don’t want to part with their stocks, though.

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Consider purchasing silver not only as an aesthetic acquisition but also as a form of portfolio insurance. Weh the markets skid, precious metals such as silver and gold can rise in value. Or, as some pundits put it: “Precious metals tend to “zig” when other sores of value, like stocks, “zag.” 

Remember, when fear grips the financial marketplace, that fear drives precious metal prices up further. It’s been going on throughout the ages almost as long back as the dawn of civilization.

Owning silver, whether as jewelry, coins, or even silver bars, is indeed a great hedge. And, if you own jewelry, you can appreciate its rare beauty as well. Knowing this, you may rest easier if the market seas get stormy.

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