Quick Tips for Keeping Your CCW Gun From Showing

Having your permit to carry a concealed weapon is one thing, but properly concealing the fact that you are carrying is another. Sometimes the style or location of your holster is causing your clothes to hang with a noticeable bump and sometimes the way you walk draws attention to where your weapon is. The best tips for concealment are usually the ones that are quick and easy such as finding the right holster and clothes.

Quick Tips for Keeping Your CCW Gun From Showing

Get the Right Holster

Not only do you need to get a holster that is the right style and size for your gun, but you also need to make sure that it is slim and comfortable to wear. The bulkier your holster is on its own, the more visible it will be under your clothing. You can choose from shoulder, ankle or hip holsters for concealment, but be sure that the holster is comfortable enough that you are not having to adjust it as you move. If the straps rub at your shoulder or hip, then a concealed ankle holster might be a better choice for you, especially if your weapon is on the smaller side.

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Wear Carrier Friendly Clothes

Clothing made from light and breathable fabric is easier to layer over your holster during the summer, which can help disguise the fact that you are carrying and not make you too hot. During the winter months, layering to disguise the profile of your weapon is easier; but you will want to make sure that you are not wearing too many layers to easily reach the gun if needed. Moving accessories such as a mobile phone, multitool or wallet to the same side as your holster can also help disguise the bulk of your weapon.

Concealed holsters come in a variety of styles designed to help you find the right one for your weapon, where you like to carry it, and comfort of use. Choosing the right one means finding a slim and comfortable holster that you can easily wear under your clothing.

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