Great Ways for Women to Concealed Carry

Many concealed carry options require bulkier clothing or are uncomfortable, making it difficult for some women to concealed carry effectively. Fortunately, there are many ways to concealed carry without having to change up your sense of fashion.

Shirt and Sports Bra Holsters

Some of the most comfortable and easy concealed carry options for women are the concealed carry shirt and sports bra. There are many variations available that make it easy to concealed carry a firearm without having to put on excess layers of clothing. An additional benefit is that firearms are easy and intuitive to access with these holsters, making drawing your weapon a breeze.

Purse Holsters

Purse holsters are a great option out of the many holsters available. The benefit of using a properly made purse holster over just placing your gun within your purse is that you will know that your firearm is properly secured and can more easily be accessed when you need it the most. There are plenty of purses available in a wide variety of styles to ensure that you can maintain your sense of fashion while still feeling safe.

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Thigh and Garter Holsters

Thigh holsters, though more difficult to access, can be a great option for a night on the town. Thigh holsters can remain concealed even when wearing skirts and dresses. Ensure that you select a holster that fits tightly and doesn’t slip down while you are walking.

Shorts and Leggings Holsters

Shorts and leggings holsters provide yet another intuitive place of concealment that provides easy access. Different varieties provide the ability to holster your firearm in different areas within your waistband, making it easy to select the option that is most comfortable for you.

Concealed carry options have only improved over the years, making it easier for more and more people to concealed carry effectively. Take advantage of the many options today and concealed carry while still embracing your personal sense of style.

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