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Coin+Shopping+NetworkSCOTTSDALE, ARKANSAS - Cable Purchasing Network is a corrupt con show. I really should study these testimonials just before I buy things off the Tv. Properly, my 1st and final time I purchased something off Television. Just like H from in Scottsdale Arizona who was played just the same way. All I can do is echo most of his words. The only factor that was diverse was I paid for ten for rolls (200coins) and the shipment did arrive in two weeks. I will Never ever deal with CSN again. Hopefully you will read this overview and will be smart adequate to Never ever purchase from this corporation. We want to put this enterprise out of business by By no means obtaining from them again. These folks are scammers. They will exploit you. Buyer BEWARE! I will post an update to this assessment as quickly as the coins actually do arrive so that you will know just how long I actually had to wait to get my order.

PHEONIX, ARIZONA - Cable Buying Network is a corrupt early morning con show, watch out. I cannot consider of any of their practices that are above board. They took all pertinent information when I supposedly purchased 40 oz of silver bars. Thank the Lord I didn't make the big buy I was contemplating. I've made lots of transactions in the previous, with trustworthy precious metals dealers and in no way have I been witness to such an outrageous theft from myself and as as I have learned, the public. I am not a sophisticated investor, by any signifies nonetheless I can say this ain't my 1st rodeo.

I waited 10 weeks and the subsequent representative did not provide me any data except to cancel my order if that is what I wanted. He then told me the purpose it was not sent out was there was a difficulty with my Discover Card. Which is a lie simply because I have a zero balance on my card, and I saw the authorizations that Cable Purchasing has run each 30 days to confirm the account is nonetheless superior. I was told to wait two much more weeks and a supervisor would get my order 'force shipped'.

Now Is March 27th and I have nonetheless not received my order. I when once again known as the buyer service quantity. This time a reside individual answered. I was told that the quarters had been on back order and they have been just beginning to ship the December and January orders now. I told the man that I was not pleased with their enterprise and their shady small business practices. His response to that was to attempt to sell me extra coins to total the set that I have not however received. I then asked him why they would promote that they had them in stock and out there for delivery when they did not.

They stated they had the solution on Television, nope. They mentioned they would e mail me a confirmation, nope. They said I would obtain this these days or the next, 10x, nope. Did they get cash, yep + service close to 50 bucks. They under no circumstances told me of this charge or I would have purchased it in town. There is a lot a lot more deception but I am satisfied that my bank is dealing with them. The refund is great but I, for as soon as, feel negative for my bank. Also, even though the bank will not say it, I am sure this gives me somewhat of a idiot rating with them.Coin+Shopping+Network

SCOTTSDALE, VERMONT - Soon after watching some late evening Television I ordered a couple of sets of pre 1970 silver uncirculated 50 coins. When I named them 2 weeks later, I was told that the coins never ship for 4 to six weeks! They took my cash right away. Nowhere on the show does it mention four to 6 weeks! The show says that they have a restricted number of these sets, prepared to ship now! This corporation is a joke! They take your dollars and use it until you ultimately get angry adequate to call your credit card company and cancel the order! Then plan on waiting a different week prior to they refund you! Scammers!

The moral of the story is, if you are up late with nothing to do and you see a clown of a snake-oil salesman telling you that silver is 4$ more affordable to buy right here than in your hometown, go back to bed and get it in the daytime, if you must. We are sorry your expectation was for a distinctive set of coins but at no time did CSN mislead you or any individual who purchased those rolls of Kennedy Half Dollars. We record each presentation in case anything like this is brought into question.

I believe this organization requires our revenue to acquire products to sell or why else would they charge for one thing they can not produce, why would it take months to get cash returned? This location need to be beneath investigation. I filed a complaint with the AG's workplace, all the AG's workplace did was sent them a letter. Somebody do some thing with these dishonest men and women, please. Thanks. THEY LIED!! NONE of the halfs were 64s, but ALL dated 1965-1969, which are only 40% silver, not 90%. I will be returning the coins and would not purchase Something from these CON Males, esp John , who did not return ANY of my phone calls soon after telling me to contact his office telephone, which he gave me, if I had any problems.

I will Under no circumstances deal with CSN once again. Hopefully you will read this review and will be smart enough to In no way obtain from this company. We want to put this company out of business by In no way purchasing from them once more. These people today are scammers. They will exploit you. Purchaser BEWARE! I will post an update to this overview as soon as the coins basically do arrive so that you will know just how long I in fact had to wait to receive my order.

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