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The research on the effectiveness of promotional material in relation to discounts & coupons can certainly also distil some tips for the use of promotional gifts and promotional material. We list them below.

The Very first Tip for You

A first important tip is that promotional gifts and promotional material can be used throughout the year. Not only at special occasions but also at events, for your own employees, for new customers & business partners, for a product launch, and so on.

Tips for using promotional material

61% of the respondents also say that promotional and promotional gifts are attractive throughout the year. Try to reach that 61% with fun, original promotional gifts. Be it the customized door gifts within budget or more the deals are there with the perfect options now.

On the other hand, 60% of the respondents claim never to receive a promotional gift. So there is still a lot of potential and especially with the men.

Promotional gifts are for every possible target group. The over-54s, for example, prefer a gift in which there is a direct link with the purchased product. For example, a bag or bottle cooler with a bottle of champagne will be very successful. Such gifts also appeal to every target group, regardless of age or gender. For the  personalized polo tees this is also important.

  • The ‘mug’ (from bag to drinking cup) is and remains one of the best-selling promotional gifts.
  • What appeals most as a promotional gift, for both men and women, are kitchen supplies and decorative items?
  • Perfect promotional gifts for men are safety items. It is always handy and always usable.
  • (Party) games and beach balls also remain popular. They are seen as nice and funny gifts.
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Daily articles with a high usability factor guarantee high satisfaction. Verrines, candles, etc. are good examples of this.

Increase your sales with promotional material

As you can see, promotional gifts and promotional materials offer many opportunities to increase your sales. There is a suitable gift for every target group, there are both luxury promotional gifts and cheap promotional gifts and you can also have them all printed with your logo and brand name for optimum brand recognition and reminder.

We are leaving winter behind us. You know when it is spring as soon as the birds start whistling, the blossoming of the blossom begins and the terraces open again. The sun has more power and in the evening it stays light longer. A smile appears on everyone’s face. To ensure that your relationships keep this smile, it is a good idea to use spring gifts.

When spring comes, you can delight your employees with a T-shirt. Choose to print the T-shirts with a logo, text or name of your company. T-shirts with printing ensure recognition capability. Printed garments are often worn during trade fairs, events and open days. It not only ensures recognition capability but also increases the brand awareness of the company.

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