4 Tips for Designing Your Home Office

Whether you are looking to creating an inviting nook, or you are turning a large part of your home into a major workstation, you need more than a metal desk and an extra dining room chair stuffed into a corner. You deserve system furniture that is functional, yet inviting. It should also reflect the design of the rest of your home so that it will be a place that you will want to stay engaged in your work.

4 Tips for Designing Your Home Office

Location Is Everything

Do you work well with little or no distraction? Don’t place your home office next to your kitchen. If you will be spending many hours in your office space, don’t squish yourself into a tiny space with no windows. Will you be having clients stopping by? If so, make sure your space is private and has plenty of seating.

Provide Yourself With a View

Staring at a blank wall all day won’t do much to get your creative juices flowing, although the right color of paint is helpful. If possible, position your desk toward something more interesting, ideally a window. If your space is windowless, hang a pretty picture above the desk.  

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Organize Vertically

Hanging floating shelves on the walls will help clear papers and equipment off of your desk, but still keep it within an arm’s reach. If you like to stack your papers, get a lovely basket to hold your paperwork. If you prefer a clean desktop, keep everything neatly filed in the drawers.

Lighten Up

Be certain that your office has an abundance of light so that you don’t suffer from headaches or eye strain. Place a small lamp on the desk, and position your computer monitor so that you don’t have any glare from an overhead light or a window.

Creating the perfect at-home workspace is about using your intuition, and designing a space that is both functional and charming.

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